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Gentalovers Seaworld Vibes Swim Shorts Kids

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Only Limited Edition

The king of the summer. This is the perfect example of how we approach our hot season. Vibrant colors, bold, and different. You won’t find these prints out there. Perfectly executed to mix our love for iconic watches with this masterfully designed print. Many of the watches that we call Grails become marine species.

Leopine selects a quick-drying, mid-weight, and stretch shell for these swim shorts and lines them with cotton mesh.


  • Designed in Barcelona.
  • Manufactured in Portugal.
  • Stretchy swim fabric.
  • Tailored back pocket.
  • Customized buttons.
  • Double sewn finishes.


Size Guide.







 23 cm

 27 cm

 32 cm


 31 cm

 35 cm

 40 cm


 20 cm

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 34 cm


 18 cm

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 24 cm

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