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About Us

We bring together an economist and a fashion designer. We started in the most humble way possible, with limited manufacturing and trying to get the most out of the creative phase. Over time we have grown until we attained what we are now. A brand with sales in more than 30 countries (and rising!) And with media impact in the main watchmaking international media.

We love watches, it is true, but there is something we like more and that is to share our love of horology with other collectors. We believe that craftsmanship and expert knowledge is essential, however if we can not share our passion during Sunday lunch, it is not worth anything. God bless our GTG.

The industry is very old-fashioned and that is why we like to give it that fresh and modern touch. There are enough serious things already, do you not think?

Horology is much more than people who like watches, there is a feeling of belonging to a very important group of which we are affirmed fans.

Our idea is to give a fresh touch to a world often considered restrained and unimaginative. We inspire the community with our designs, and bring collectors from around the world closer.